Lions Gate Garage Doors

Portfolio 42

Thursday, October 08, 2020

Upon arrival, we determined the Wayne Dalton torque tube had a broken garage door spring inside and the and the operator’s force adjustments were set too high. This caused the operator bracket and strut to tear out of the top section. The top section also cracked as a result.

These torque tube systems are very expensive to repair because you have to change the whole system and they have to be ordered so they take longer. We are able to convert this torque tube system to a standard torsion door spring system.

Then we began to repair the door. We installed a Heavy 14 Gauge punched angle across the top section, fastening it every 6 inches with steel lags and built a custom operator mounting bracket to attach the garage door opener. Although we could not repair the damaged and cracked top section, we were able to secure it and make it strong enough to continue operating.

And because our service trucks are always fully stocked with the most common parts we were able to do this on site, no second trips or waiting.

We also made the proper adjustments to the operator force settings and did a thorough tune-up and lubrication service to the garage door and operator. Customers were very pleased and could not believe how much smoother and quieter the whole garage door system operated once we were finished.