Garage Door Repair, Surrey Brookswood, Portfolio 35

Garage Door Repair, Surrey Brookswood, Portfolio 35

When we arrived at this garage door emergency service call we found a door that was dangerously crooked in the opening. The cables had come off, the track was bent, rollers were broken, the hinges were compromised and the whole thing was on the verge of falling back into the garage causing serious damage.

We managed to get the door down safely and because our service trucks are fully stocked we were able to replace all the damaged parts, then perform a full tune up and service on the opener.

This customer saved hundreds of dollars by fixing all of this without having to replace the whole garage door and they now have a fully functioning and safe garage door system.

To avoid a problem like this it is always good practice to regularly inspect your door for obvious wear and tear and also have it professionally maintained annually. At Lions Gate Door our experienced technicians will perform a 15 point safety inspection, fully lubricate and test all parts to make sure your door is operating properly and most of all safely.

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