Lions Gate Garage Doors

Garage Door Repair, Portfolio 25

Friday, April 17, 2020

The garage door wouldn't open, and we were called out to the site. We saw that not 1, but 2 springs were broken on the door. Because the force settings were set way too high on the garage door operator it was still able to open the door when only one spring had broken. Operating with only one spring causes a huge strain on the garage door opener that can cause the internal gears to strip and can damage the garage doors' top section. After operating like this for some time the second spring broke as well rendering the door inoperable. Luckily before any serious damage had been done.

We replaced both Springs with new oil tempered Springs and properly adjusted the force settings on the operator. We taught the homeowner the importance of proper settings to ensure everyone's safety is maintained and to avoid any possibility of damage to the door if it became obstructed.

While replacing the springs, we noticed that the garage door hinges were incorrectly installed, and the rollers were placed in the wrong sleeves of the hinges. So, we fixed that too, adjusting the door to balance properly again.

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