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Garage Door Repair, Langley, Portfolio 33

Garage Door Repair, Langley, Portfolio 33

Customer called us for a regular maintenance as door was squeaky and didn't close all the way.

We came and did a thorough lubrication service, checked and tightened all the hardware and adjusted the operator travel limits and checked the safety reversal systems to ensure their family was safe. Upon our 15 point door inspection, we noticed one cable was on the verge of snapping. This would cause the door to go crooked on one side and rollers to pop out of the track. This disaster was averted and we installed new 1/8" cables.

Always a good idea to have your door serviced annually to ensure its operating at its optimal performance and be sure that it is safe!!! Garage doors are probably the largest and heaviest moving object in your home. Call the experts and trusted team of Lions Gate Garage Doors Ltd to get your door safe, secure and efficient today!

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