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Garage Door Maintenance, Surrey, Portfolio 75

Garage Door Maintenance, Surrey, Portfolio 75

Monday, May 27, 2024

Garage Door Maintenance, Surrey, Portfolio 75

Discover the premium maintenance service offered by Lions Gate Garage Doors!

Our team recently serviced four stunning glass overhead doors in Surrey, prioritizing functionality and safety above all else.

For this bustling high-traffic area, we went the extra mile by installing heavy-duty safety sensors and long stem rollers at strategic points, ensuring the doors stay on track even in the rare event of a jam. Plus, we replaced any worn-out cables for added peace of mind.

Interested in elevating your garage door maintenance game? Our comprehensive service includes:

* Thorough tune-up and lubrication of your garage door, hardware, and operator mechanisms.

* Inspection, adjustment, and tightening of all door hardware components.

* Precise adjustment of spring tension to ensure proper door balance.

* Fine-tuning of the door track to establish necessary clearance from the door frame, if needed.

* Testing and adjustment of operator travel and force limits.

* Verification of the efficacy of operator safety systems.

Ready to schedule your maintenance service? Reach out to us at 604-243-1505. Your garage deserves the best care!

About Our Services

Reliable garage door repair services are important to homeowners and business strata managers. That's why we offer timely and efficient garage door maintenance services alongside our repair and installation services. Despite using high-quality products, like Amarr Classica CL3000 Garage Doors, parts naturally suffer wear and tear, or unforeseen damage occurs. We will ensure your door gets back to its best with our expert maintenance services.

By choosing us, you're choosing a commitment to quality, timely repairs, and a family-owned and operated business you can trust.

Interested in a similar garage door project or need expert garage door repair?

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