Garage Door Installation, Surrey, Portfolio 56

Garage Door Installation, Surrey, Portfolio 56

If you're looking for a unique and modern door for your garage, look no further than the Hoorman Northwest Door Modern Classic garage door. We recently had the pleasure of installing an insulated garage door for a studio office in Surrey, and we're thrilled with the results.

First and foremost, this door is fully insulated, ensuring that your garage remains warm and dry, even during the coldest months of the year. The door's black anodized frame is both sleek and stylish, giving it a contemporary look that will complement any modern home or office.

But what really sets this door apart is its double-pane insulated clear view windows. These windows allow natural light to flood into your garage, creating a bright and inviting space that's perfect for working or relaxing. Thanks to the three-section, three-panel configuration, the door gives the appearance of a large window, rather than a traditional garage door.

At 16'x7', this door is large enough to accommodate most vehicles, while still providing ample space for storage and other uses.

The customor is thrilled with how this garage door installation turned out! So if you're in the market for a new garage door, consider the Hoorman Northwest Door ModernClassic – it's sure to impress!


  • Loction: Surrey, BC
  • Door: Hoorman Northwest Door ModernClassic
  • Specs: Insulated Door with Black Anodized Frame with Double Pane Insulated Clear View Windows
  • Size: 16'x7'
  • Custom Door: 3 Section - 3 Panel Confirguration to give the appearacne of a large window vs. traditional garage door.
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