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fully insulated 18'x7' CC4000 Amarr Carriage Court Rosemount

CC4000 Amarr Carriage Court Garage Door Installation, North Vancouver, Portfolio 63

Monday, July 24, 2023

fully insulated 18'x7' CC4000 Amarr Carriage Court Rosemount

We installed this beautiful, fully insulated 18'x7' CC4000 Amarr Carriage Court Rosemount Design garage door. This is a true overlay door product giving a shaker design effect.

Wondering what a "Shaker Door Design Effect Is?"

In the context of garage doors, a "true overlay" design refers to the construction method where individual pieces or panels are applied over the door's base material to create a distinct aesthetic. This method results in a three-dimensional, high-end look.

A "shaker design effect" pertains to the specific style achieved with the overlay. Shaker design is characterized by clean, uncluttered lines and a minimalist aesthetic, echoing the principles of the Shaker movement from which it takes its name. In the case of this garage door, the overlay creates a shaker-style appearance, offering a sleek and modern look.

The door's insulation promotes energy efficiency, while the 3 Lite Window configuration introduces natural light into the garage without compromising privacy.

Our team followed stringent safety measures during this garage door installation, making sure this door fits perfectly, operates seamlessly, and maintains thermal efficiency.

This installation improved not only the exterior appearance of the home but also its functionality and energy efficiency.


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