Emergency Garage Door Opener, Surrey, Portfolio 22

Emergency Garage Door Opener, Surrey, Portfolio 22

Customer called us because their garage door opener wasn't working.

We tested the unit by checking the circuit board, power, capacitor, and circuitry. We discovered the circuit board had failed. We offered 2 options to the customer, #1, Replace the circuit board with a new one, OR, #2, Replace the opener.

Because the opener is 15 years old, they decided to replace the opener with a new LiftMaster 8355W Belt Drive unit.

The unit which came with Wi-Fi Technology, 2 Remote Transmitters and an Outdoor Keypad. We also serviced the garage door and performed a full lubrication service at no extra charge. We even assisted the customer by setting up their Wifi on their mobile device so they can have the security and comfort of using their garage door and knowing when the door is opened/closed from anywhere in the world!

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