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Is it safe to repair a garage door yourself?

Is it safe to repair a garage door yourself?

Saturday, May 02, 2020

Your garage door is probably one of the largest & heaviest moving objects in your home. They may seem easy to repair at first glance, or their operations may look simplistic....but are they?

Garage doors are actually quite dangerous if they're not well-looked after or neglected. They require regular, annual maintenance because parts wear out. And as they do, they strain the other parts that keep your door moving safely.

Some parts, such as broken or worn-out hinges and rollers, are safe and easy to replace. However, please make sure you use high-quality parts if you do decide to do this yourself. You can purchase them directly from us or through a 3rd party retail store if needed.

Other door components, such as cables, bottom fixtures, bearings, or springs, should ALWAYS be left to the Lions Gate Garage Doors professionals! We use top-quality parts, have the know-how, and adhere to safety practices that ensure these jobs are done correctly the 1st time.

Garage Door Springs Garage door springs will break. It's inevitable. And there is a lot of information on the internet talking about how to replace the broken torsion springs.

But did you know that springs are calculated based on the weight of the door and its hardware?

Not only that, you need to know the door IPPT.

But you often need way more information than you'll probably get over the internet! So be careful.

At the end of the day, a garage door is something we all rely on to open when we press the button, and it also hangs above our heads, vehicles, and even people in your family. Is it worth trying to repair something to save a few bucks that could potentially create a disaster for you? We have seen all too often the homeowner attempt to do this but then call us because their door has gone crooked and is falling out of the tracks.

Leave the repairs to us! Not only do we fix your door, we tune, lubricate, test, and, most importantly, go over all the safety features with you through our door report to give you peace of mind and some knowledge about garage door operations.

So call us today. See why more and more people are choosing Lions Gate Garage Doors as Vancouver's #1 Garage Door Repair, Sales, Service & Installation company! Our reviews are real, and our passion for people and doors does not go unnoticed!