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garage door repair and maintenance

Garage Door Service & Maintenance

Our specialists arrive with a fully stocked van!

Garage doors offer incredible convenience and security. But, like everything else mechanical, the moving parts eventually wear down and need to be repaired. Fortunately, simple functions allow simple repairs -- usually.

Our repair team arrives fully stocked. Odds are, we already have brought everything we need to repair your garage door. This means, in most cases, you won't have to wait for us to order a part to fix your door.

Call us today for your free estimate and on-site quote. You will be amazed at the level of service and knowledge our team has to offer. We treat your garage door like our own and stand behind all our work and products!

Worn-Out Garage Door Springs

A garage door relies on its springs or torsion springs. A garage door is counterbalanced by extension springs or torsion springs connected a set of to cables and pulleys. This is how it manages to go up and down daily with minimal effort on your part with your hand or through a motorized garage door opener. Now, one important thing here: Garage door springs are incredibly dangerous and should only be repaired or touched by a trained professional. And this is because in order to function reliably the springs need to remain under constant tension. Which means they'll eventually break; it's inevitable. When that happens, we will come out and perform regular maintenance on these springs, or, if they've no longer functioning, our crew will most likely have the parts on-hand when we come out to service your garage door, minimizing if not all-together avoiding the need to order parts.

You'll find information about worn out garage door springs here.

Worn-Out Garage Doors & Operators

A well-maintained garage door is capable of lasting 50 years or more; however, if they're neglected, they might fail much earlier. In cases like these, it's often cheaper and safer to perform a garage door replacement.

Noisy Garage Doors

A noisy garage door is extremely annoying to the people closest to it, especially if it's in strata or apartment building constantly interrupting someone's sleep during the night. Luckily, routine maintenance and parts replacement solve this problem quickly. Most of the time, it's the door's hinges that need to be replaced, or the rollers that run within the metal tracks are worn out and their bearing stops rolling smoothly.

Broken Glass

The driveway and lawn in front of your residential garage door also tend to be your kids' playground, which means the glass on your door might break from time to time. It's essential to have the glass repaired quickly because broken glass in a garage is a safety issue: it lets heat escape and is an open invitation for raccoons, birds and insects to become your next tenants.

Frozen Garage Door

In the Lower Mainland, our garage doors tend to freeze-up during winter because of the additional moisture and humidity we have. Garaged doors also tend to "stick" to the ground if it rains and the temperature quickly drops. If your door's frozen, call us because we provide 24-hours garage door repair services.

One note about frozen or stuck garage doors: resist the urge to mash the automatic opener button. Doing this tends to cause more severe problems, like stripped gears, broken springs or a burned-out motor.

Poorly Maintained Garage Doors Are A Safety Concern

Overhead garage doors are extremely heavy, often weighing well over 100 pounds. Doors that aren't properly maintained or are equipped with older automatic garage door openers/closers are a huge safety concern. Some features that older equipment lack includes automatic door openers with auto-stops and auto-reverse mechanisms, which lower the risk of crushing your foot, pet, or even a family member. And we're not trying to be dramatic here. Older equipment simply didn't have the safety features that newer garage door automatic openers have today. This isn't a matter of convenience; it's a safety concern.

Faulty Garage Door Opener

You enter and exit your home or strata property through the garage most of the time. And we understand that means that the door's opening and closing needs to be reliable. So, when the garage door opener decides it wants to sleep on the job, it leaves you stuck outside (or inside!), and, as luck would have it, often during a storm. We're used to this happening and will be there ASAP to fix problems like these quickly.

Finding the right people to repair your garage door doesn't need to be complicated. Here at Lions Gate Garage Doors, we're a family-owned and operated business that understands the urgency, value and old-fashioned hard-work necessary to repair and maintain your garage doors. Call us for all of your repairs, emergency repairs or preventative maintenance.

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