Garage Door Operator Installation, Langley, Portfolio 40

Garage Door Operator Installation, Langley, Portfolio 40

The customer called us and mentioned that their current operator is noisy and outdated. While it still functioned they wished to have better lighting and a smart garage door operator that they could control from their mobile devices and not leave remotes inside their vehicles for safety. Lighting was particularly important as the customer also uses their garage as a shop area.

We suggested the LiftMaster WLED operator due to its corner to corner bright LED lighting. The unit comes standard with Wi-Fi Technology, a Smart Wall Control Panel and Battery Back-up. They ordered this up during our March LiftMaster Bonus month, which meant they also received a bonus remote transmitter and wireless outdoor keypad at no extra charge!

We also did a complimentary tune-up and lubrication service to the garage door as well.

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