Amarr Hillcrest HI3000 Long Panel Bead Board, Cloverdale, Portfolio 62

Amarr Hillcrest HI3000 Long Panel Bead Board, Cloverdale, Portfolio 62

We recently completed an installation of an Amarr Hillcrest HI3000 Long Panel Bead Board. This door, renowned for its aesthetic appeal, features a beautiful walnut woodgrain colour, perfect for adding a touch of warmth to anyone's home. It is sized at 16'x9' and is built to cater to most standard garages.

The door comes equipped with double pane insulated dark tinted windows, contributing to energy efficiency while maintaining the privacy of your garage. The insulation properties are beneficial for maintaining temperature balance, making your garage a more comfortable space, especially in extreme weather conditions.


Reliable garage door repair services are important to homeowners and business strata managers. That's why we offer timely and efficient garage door maintenance services alongside our repair and installation services. Despite using high-quality products, like Amarr Garage Doors, parts naturally suffer wear and tear, or unforeseen damage occurs. We will make sure your door gets back to its best with our expert maintenance services.

By choosing us, you're choosing a commitment to quality, timely repairs and a family-owned and operated business you can trust.

Interested in a similar garage door project or need expert garage door repair?

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