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Garage Door Repair, Burnaby, Portfolio 8

A commercial strata in Burnaby recently got broken into. They called us in to repair the damaged garage door sections and make sure the gate is otherwise working as intended. We secured gate with Lexan Poly-carbonate sheets and powder coated Expand Aluminum.

What is Lexan Poly-carbonate?

Lexan is a brand name that, due to its strong reputation, has become synonymous with the actual material they use to construct products. Specifically, the material name is poly-carbonate resin thermoplastic. In short, it's a material that's used when creating bulletproof glass, headlamps, DVD's and kitchenware. Countless other products are made with it, and it is an interesting topic to read up on, however, we chose this brand and product for this project because of the additional security it provides.

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