A word of caution: Garage door springs are incredibly dangerous and should only be repaired or touched by a trained professional. This is because the springs need to remain under constant tension in order to function properly

Oil tempered springs are made from hardened steel. They are not manipulated in any way. True hardened oil tempered springs will never need adjusting and last longer than galvanized springs. They are set to provide a true 10,000 cycle life span! Oil tempered springs, however, do require an annual lubrication to prevent rust build up and to keep the coils lubricated to reduce friction between the coils. Taking 5 minutes of time once a year to spray lubricant on your springs and on the hinges, rollers and bearings on your door will reduce noise, stress and keep your hardware working in perfect fashion.

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Galvanized Springs have a 8000 cycle rating. These springs are actually oiled springs that have been "cleaned up" and dipped in hot zinc. This is the galvanizing process.This process protects the spring from rust and corrosion, however, weakens the metal, thus reducing its life cycle. These springs are not tempered which hardens the steel like oil tempered springs.These springs WILL require adjusting over time and extra tension needs to be applied to the springs to properly balance the weight of the garage door after they have been installed for a while. Galvanized Springs will cost you more money in the long run and will actually create more stress on your operator/opener as they begin to sag and require adjusting. Some companies choose to use these as they are less expensive to purchase but you as a customer are charged the same regardless. In commercial applications such as fire halls, parking garages or large commercial bay doors, you wont see galvanized springs. There is a reason why in commercial applications only hardened oil tempered springs are used so we utilize these for residential applications as well to give our customers quality products and service.

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